About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog. About me…

I started growing companies on the Internet in 1997, as a Sophomore in High School. I began by building a network of websites that offered free resources to webmasters, and promoted them using search engine and viral marketing strategies. My network grew quickly, soon attracting millions of visitors per month, and sponsorships from a variety of startups. I eventually sold many of these websites, however several are still operational.

While growing my website network, I founded Exclusive Concepts, Inc., a marketing service and software company that specializes in helping online retailers to accelerate revenue growth without adding a lot of overhead. I leveraged the reach of my website network to build a network of channel partners throughout the country who sold my marketing services while I was at school. After school, I delivered on consulting projects that were sold to companies as large as IBM, and managed a team of developers, copywriters, and designers who helped me to implement a variety of projects.

Some highlights of my high school years:

- I helped my first e-commerce client grow a network of e-commerce websites from $0 in annual revenue, to $7,000,000, by the time I was a Sophmore at Bentley University.

- I worked with a young programmer, whom i’m still good friends with today, to create a software as a service offering that gave entrepreneurs the ability to run their own niche search engine out of the box. One of its innovations was allowing advertisers to purchase high placement on search result pages on a pay-per-click basis.

- I was able to participate in the early days of Internet commerce, even though I was very young.

I expanded my business during my college years by leasing my first office, bringing my team in-house, and further focusing our specialty on growing e-commerce stores.

Fast-forward 7 years since graduation, and our company has serviced thousands of online retail stores, and has 600 online stores who are actively subscribed to either our service or software offerings. At least a dozen of those stores are on the IR 500 list of the web’s largest retailers. In addition, we’ve made the INC 5000 the last 2 years

Through our growth we have not taken on debt or outside funding. The primary reason for that is for a small company we have a lot of people who think like innovators, and we like the idea of flexing our creative muscle without having to answer to outside investors. I’m also passionate about working with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinkers of all sizes, and I believe our current structure enables us to deliver maximum value and results to both our clients, and our people.


    I believe that integrity is living one’s life in accordance with one’s values. I value truth, entrepreneurship, teaching, learning, and individual liberty - and try very hard to live my life in accordance with those values.

    My belief in entrepreneurship is especially strong because I know that free enterprise has done more to lift people out of poverty than any government policy, edict, or good intension. That is why I originally started Exclusive Concepts, because I wanted to work directly with the operators of growing online stores to help them to grow their businesses, thereby stimulating commerce and economic growth. I also take pride in Exclusive Concepts’ culture which is powered by very dynamic, growth-oriented individuals.

    Email me: ScottSmigler@gmail.com